About The Nesting Bee

I am The Nesting Bee. Everything I do is for my family and home. Whether it is baking, cleaning, crafting, organizing, playing or whatnot, it is related to home - my nest.

As a busy wife and mom to three beautiful children (yes, I admit, I'm biased) there really is no time to rest, just like a bee.

On top of being a wife and mom, I work in the corporate world holding down a full time job. It was a few years ago that I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up...a Professional Hobbyist.  My job is steady in these tough economical times and I'm thankful for it and the people I work with.

But my passion is to craft, scrapbook, photograph and to bake beautiful and yummy treats. I am inspired by so many amazing bakers and crafters out there and the wonderful products their talents produce.

This blog is my creative outlet. The intent is to spotlight treats, ideas, crafts, projects, and amazing ideas.

I welcome you to be inspired with me.