Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Cookies!!!

Recently I made four batches of sugar cookie dough in preparation for Easter (each batch makes 8 dozen inch cookies -that's A LOT of cookies!). An assortment of bunnies, eggs, chicks and carrots were baked and filled the kitchen. A few butterflies and other shapes were baked but wrapped and tucked away in the freezer for later.

Hours were spent in the kitchen last weekend decorating the majority of the cookies for family and willing taster testers at work. I think a record was set with how fast they disappeared!

We celebrated Easter a week early with my in-law's and brought a cookie assortment for all. 

The pictures did not come out all that great. I dropped my camera last year and broke my Canon 50mm lens. I've been able to jimmy-rig it so it's still usable but it's pretty much quit on me. I think it just plain-old needs to be replaced.  Crummy part is I dropped it during the warranty period but it never dawned on my to send it in. Duh.

These were really fun to decorate. The food color markers came out and brought a little life and whimsy to the bunny faces.