Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Welcome!  The Nesting Bee blog is my creative outlet that has been months in the planning. Although it is still not "ready" (nor I'm not sure when it will be), I've decided to bite the bullet and just start posting.

My love for baking started as a young girl and these days my time isn't as plentiful. I'm slowly getting in some baking time in since that is my current passion. Testing recipes - tweaking recipes, and testing them again is all par for the course. My urge to become more venturous is growing and I seek perfection in what I create.

I love crafting but keeping a full time job and tending to the family does not leave much time to fit it all in. Over time I'm sure hoping it will come but until then, I can be inspired and dream.

This blog is just in it's infancy so be patient with me and enjoy the ride!



  1. I just went through all your posts. I'm glad to call you cousin! You are SO talented!!! I'm literally in awe. Great job!

  2. Wonderful Deanna! Thanks for sharing your talents. Can't wait to see your next posts. Melanie